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Principal Secretary (Human Resource Development)
Director (Primary Education)

Member of Parliament - Lok Sabha | Rajya Sabha


For assistance in securing admissions, please contact:
Ranchi, Khunti, Hazaribagh, Lohardaga and  Toto

Jharkhand Parent's Association
 Ranchi  Bokaro
 Ajay Rai 
+91 9431772131
 Anup Kumar Pandey
+91 9431161015


RTE Act: Ranchi school sets example (Times of India, 13 Apr 2015)
Parents' body spreads RTE awareness (Kelly Kislaya,Times of India, 13 Apr, 2015)

RTE rout in elite cradles (The Telegraph, 21 June 2013)
RTE push for private schools (The Telegraph, 16 June 2013)
Rights group official blames state for ineffective RTE (B. Shridhar, Times of India, 4 June 2013)
RTE axe may fall on private schools (Rupa Giri, Times of India, 19 April 2013)
Elite schools skirting RTE provision (Times of India, 19 April 2013)
'BPL pupils not to be dropped from schools' (B.Shridhar, Times of India, 2 April 2013)
Institutions may face heat for not fulfilling RTE norms (Ammi Kumari, Times of India, 2 April 2013)
Saras 2 faces authenticity questions (Times of India, 22 January 2013)
Parents, schools at loggerheads over admissions (Times of India, 3 January 2013)
Jharkhand forms Child Rights Commission (, 8 February 2012)



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