Entry Level

Q. What is the entry level for admission of children in these 25% reserved free seats?

The law explicitly states that:

"(unaided private schools) shall admit in class I......and provide free and compulsory education till its completion. Provided further that where a school ...imparts pre-school education, the provisions...shall apply for admission to such pre-school education."

So, the entry level for children in these free seats is either in CLASS 1 at 6 years of age, or earlier at the PRE-SCHOOL level, if the school imparts pre-school education.

Q. For how many years will the child be entitled to free education in the private school?

The child will be entitled to free education till the completion of CLASS 8 at 14 years of age.

Q. Are disabled children also eligible under the 25% Free Reservation provision?

YES. The 2012 RTE Act amendment has also included children with varying disabilities under the definition of disadvantage. Therefore, they are legally entitled to be included with children from other socio-economically disadvantaged groups for admission under the 25% free reservation quota. Also, please check the eligibility criteria specified in different locations from the sidebar on the left.

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