Q. How will private schools be reimbursed for the free education provided to 25% children in the reserved free seats?

The Act states:

"The school.....providing free and compulsory education...shall be reimbursed expenditure so incurred by it to the extent of PER-CHILD-EXPENDITURE incurred by the State, or the actual amount charged from the child, whichever is less, in such manner as many be prescribed:

Provided that such reimbursement shall not exceed per-child expenditure incurred by a school...

Provided further that where such school is already under obligation to provide free education to a specified number of children on account of it having received any land, building, equipment or other facilities, either free of cost or at a concessional rate, such school shall not be entitled for reimbursement to the extent of such obligation."

The Model Rules further explain that:

"For the purpose of determining the per-child expenditure, the expenditure incurred by the State Government or local authority on ....aided schools....and the children enrolled in such schools shall not be included.

Every school .... shall maintain a SEPARATE BANK ACCOUNT in respect of the amount received by it as reimbursement...."

They also recommend that:

"A child attending a school in pursuance of ....[25% reserved free seats in specified category and unaided private schools] shall be entitled to FREE TEXT BOOKS, WRITING MATERIAL AND UNIFORMS.

Provided that a child with DISABILITIES shall also be provided free special learning and support material."

Individual states and union territories have also issued rules which specify the reimbursement procedure. For more details, please click the location in the left sidebar.

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