No Screening

Q. Can the private school conducts tests, interviews, educational profiling of parents and other screening procedures for selection of children in the 25% reserved seats?

No. The Act explicitly states that for all children, including those in the 25% reserved category:

"No school or person shall, while admitting a child....subject the child or his or her parents or guardian to any screening procedure."

The Guidelines issued by the Ministry state even more explicitly that:

".....There shall be NO TESTING AND INTERVIEWS for any child /parent falling within or outside the categories, and selection would be on a random basis"

The Act further states that:

Any school or person, if in contravention of the provisions....

(b) subjects a child to screening procedure, shall be PUNISHABLE WITH FINE, which may extend to TWENTY-FIVE THOUSAND RUPEES for the first contravention and fifty thousand rupees for each subsequent contraventions."

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